Welcome to the Navigation at Lock 13

The Navigation at Lock 13 is an historic Public House dating from around 1790 that started by serving the 'navvy's' or Navigation Engineers that built the Peak Forest Navigation, known today as the Peak Forest Canal, part of the Cheshire ring . 

The pub is located next to a lock, Number 13, one of 16 Locks that raise the canal by 64 metres / 209 feet, over about 1 mile in length.  A very impressive piece of engineering built over 210 years ago. 

In order to get the locks finished quickly and for his boats to be the first to use the canal, Samuel Oldknow, a local mill owner gave the 'navvy's' possets, a milk drink curdled with Ale and often spiced, supplied by the Navigation Pub, as an incentive to work harder. The bridge next to the Navigation is known as Posset Bridge.

The Navigation at Lock 13 stands by these values and its history, by being a focal point for the community and  providing family orientated leisure facilities.

From the best quality, wines, beers, lagers, spirits and ales, to open mic nights, quality food, and a welcoming atmosphere, The Navigation aims to put back the Public in Public House.

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Telephone  01614273817

Email info@thenavigationatlock13.co.uk

9 Stockport Road, Marple,Cheshire SK6 6BD

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